Osservare per Amare

As you journey through my images, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery that will lead you away from this invasive reality, liberating the poet within and enabling you to find a greater capacity for love. Observation brings the perennial benefits of a youthful spirit.

About me


I’m an expert on Visual Communications, and was Art Director for McCann Erikson in the Sixties; I’ve also worked for CPV, Compton Dupuy, Procter & Gamble and Ferrero (the confectionery Group).

In 1990 I came back to photography with renewed artistic vision and that same year launched my project “To Observe is to Love”, the synthesis of all my personal and photographic experience.

My visual language, which I acquired through “Fleur”, also encompasses other highly symbolic subjects. These include “Crota Veja”, namely Fragments of History from an outdated and unknown “world”; the series entitled “Aqua” which captures the magic qualities of form and light in ordinary droplets; the “Vin & Raisin” series linked to the world of grapes and wine; “Naturalia” or the world of nature to which we are closely linked; and lastly – for the moment – the “Landscapes”, namely the beauty all around us.

I now live with my family in the small village of Cantarana: my photographs and writing are conceived in silence and meditation in search of peace and harmony.

Some of my works are exhibited at the Musée de l’Elisée in Lausanne.

Your “flower details” show a particular sensibility that only someone who is sensitive can read in your “clean” eyes. Your icons emerge from normality to become “simple” butterflies wings. Lanfranco Colombo, photography critic